3 Reasons Why You Need Giant Bean Bags in Your Home

Imagine sitting on your couch in front of the television with your sweetheart. You would love to put your feet up and truly relax. However, that would mean you would have to get up and bring the coffee table closer. When you return to the couch, you find the position is not as comfortable as you would have hoped. What you need is a giant bean bag, one on which you could not only sit but lie on. Here are some great reasons to bring home a giant bean bag.

Unlike traditional bean bags you can buy giant bean bags that are filled with shredded foam or polyurethane. This means that when you sit on the bag it does not sink and give way under your weight. Instead the foam supports your body weight and offers a comfortable seat.

Peruse through the giant bean bags online and you will be able to identify one that is perfect for you. One of the best parts about buying a giant, comfortable bean bag is that you can share it with your partner. In fact you can buy one that is big that it can accommodate your friends when they come over to watch a football game together on the television.

Style and Luxury
When you buy furniture, you are often faced with a comfort versus style dilemma. You can put this to rest when you choose to buy giant bean bags. You can buy an eight foot sack that you can settle down on comfortably, or perhaps a seven and a half foot lounger. You could also buy a bean bag Ottoman.

The bean bags have a luxurious micro suede cover and are available in several colors. Some of these include royal blue, chocolate, cocoa, navy, camel, pink and purple. There are several that would be perfect for your home.

The new generation bean bags are no longer filled with tiny Styrofoam 'beans'. They instead use high quality foam to offer a comfortable seat that does not sag or sink. The bags are constructed with the very best materials available in the USA. This allows manufacturers to offer customers an amazing five year warranty on their products. For more info go to this website: http://www.comfysacks.com/

The giant bean bag has an outer cover that can be removed and machine washed. This makes the bag easier to clean and maintain, and is hence more hygienic than your couch. The tough, durable inner layer keeps the furniture foam in place. The warranty covers the seams and zippers on both the cover as well as on the inner liner.

Whether you live alone, with your partner or your family, a giant big bag is a great furniture addition to your home. It is comfortable and offers your body great support, even if you sit in the same position for a long time. The 'bean' in the bean bags is not Styrofoam and so you do not have to worry about them leaking out of the bag. Finally, because of the quality of the foam you will not have to worry about the bag sagging or refilling it with beans.